Digital Piano Consumer Alert | Big Price Increase

Digital Piano Consumer Alert | Big Price Increase

Digital Piano Consumer Alert
Digital Piano Consumer Alert – Tariffs Raising Prices

Digital Piano Consumer Alert – January 1, 2020 – We have been told by some digital piano manufactures that due to governmental tariffs put on foreign made goods which includes digital pianos along with slowdowns in manufacturing, that there are prices increases of 10% or more happening coming up on top name brand digital pianos. Since we are coming into the Holiday Shopping Season we predict that purchases of new digital pianos will go up beyond normal because of prices increases and therefore it’s likely that many popular models in popular colors of new digital pianos will be sold out quickly.

Based on our many years of personal. hands-on experience in the world of digital pianos for over 40 years, we recommend that if you are considering getting a new digital piano then you better do it soon to avoid large price increases on models that will likely happen. A digital piano can be a large purchase in terms of how much money you can spend on some of these models. The piano manufacturers are already out of some popular colors right now in popular models in all price ranges including Yamaha, Kawai, Roland, Casio, Korg, Samick, and others.

Product Shortage
Digital Piano Consumer Alert – Tariffs Raising Prices

Product Shortage – We know there will definitely be product shortages in some of the popular brands and models of digital pianos before Christmas gets here and even before Thanksgiving gets here. This will become even more acute because buyers will know that if they don’t grab the piano they want then not only will there likely be a shortage on that model, but they will also have to pay another (approx) 10% more for the same thing later on and that percentage could even be higher.

Whether you are shopping for a digital grand piano, digital upright piano, digital stage piano, portable digital piano, beginner student digital piano, advanced digital piano or whatever it is that you want, you should get it while you can. If it’s for a gift then find a place to store it for awhile because at least you’ll know you have it and won’t have top worry about not getting it at all.

Save Money
Digital Piano Consumer Alert – Tariffs Raising Prices

Save Money – Buy a new digital piano as soon as possible while the piano lasts and before it’s sold out. If you need to buy it with a credit then we can help you do that through a special PayPal Credit program with same as cash no interest payments for 6 months (based on availability and credit approval). We can also offer you special unadvertised discount prices that are far below Amazon and internet prices on many popular models of digital pianos that we also recommend.

The Digital Piano would also come with Free Shipping, No tax, Full factory Warranty, Full Tech Support, and an exciting $500 value MIDI Music Library with hundreds of songs at no charge that you can use in many models of digital pianos that have the GM MIDI Player feature. The music library would be a “custom library” especially created for the music you like and not just generic music.


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Factory Direct Prices on Digital Pianos

The Internal Tariffs and product manufacturing slowdowns – They may be short term or possibly long term and know one knows for sure. But one thing we do know for sure is that the tariffs are real and digital piano prices are going up in the USA very soon because we have been notified direct from some of the piano manufacturers. We will help you decide the right piano for your music needs, musical goals, and budget and then also get you a price far below what you see on the internet or on Amazon and even lower prices than many US piano stores.

The pianos are all authorized, all brand new, and come from a variety of top brands. But most of all we are dedicated to helping you find the “right” piano and not just linking you to Amazon to buy something and then get an affiliate commission for doing so. We don’t do that here. The products we can get for you come brand new right from the manufacturer USA warehouse and shipped direct to you based on available inventory stock.


Authentic Digital Piano Reviews
Authentic Digital Piano Reviews

LOWER PRICES – BETTER SERVICE – ORGANIC AUTHENTIC ¬†EXPERT REVIEWS – FREE CONSULTATIONS ON THE PHONE USA ONLY. Just call or email us and we can help! Just so you know, I have a grandson and his name is Dylan. I do all this work on our web site to help with his support. Dylan had infant Leukemia almost 10 years ago and nearly died. A special “cord blood transplant saved his life” along with radiation & chemo treatments.

However, all of those treatments had a severe effect on his brain and body and although Dylan is alive, is a happy boy and a joy to have in our family, he and his parents have been dealing with the bad side effects of those treatments all those years ago. So I do what I can to help support Dylan’s ongoing health needs. Dylan looks pretty good overall but definitely operates like a boy with Autism in how he behaves and that’s do to the negative effects the chemo & radiation had on his brain. But we love Dylan and he is growing in abilities and knowledge and his body is growing too. Please go to the following link on our other digital piano review site to read more about Dylan and possibly help us if you can. Thank you! Dylan Praskins Story

Lower Price than internet or amazon

Lower price than Amazon or Internet