Who We Are

Tim Praskins

Digital Piano Expert

My name is Tim Praskins and for over 40 years I’ve been at the forefront of digital piano technology, piano teaching, and helping people with pianos.

Erik Praskins

Digital Piano Expert

Like my Father, Tim, I have helped people all around the country who need expert advice on the latest digital pianos, and our review site is here to help you.

Tim & Erik

Our Mission is to Help You

The goal of Digital Piano Expert is to give you the best digital piano shopping advice in the USA and to help you purchase a new digital for less money.

kids piano

We want kids to Play!

One of the best things ever for kids is to learn to play piano! It helps the mind, body, & soul for a lifetime!. A gift that keeps on giving!

piano for adults

We want adults to Play!

A great hobby for adults is playing piano which will make you feel good and inspire you!
Playing music is for life!

piano seniors

We want seniors to Play!

Playing Music is one of the best things you can do to keep feeling young! It lets you express yourself and brings back good memories too!