Suggested Pianos for Adults

On this page we have just a few examples of recommended new digital pianos for adults. Please take a look at the links below, some of which are from our other review site called “AZ Piano Reviews” to get more about these pianos. We have great reviews here on our “digital piano review expert” blog as well. We also have piano recommendations for kids, teens, and families, & senior adults at the following links: KIDS,TEENS & FAMILIESSENIOR ADULTS

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Casio AP-710 Digital Piano

The top-of-the-line Casio Celviano AP-710 at $2799 price is a home digital piano which focuses on the “piano playing experience.” This new model sounds great and has some innovative digital features.

Casio Digital Piano Review

Yamaha CSP-150 Digital Piano

The Yamaha CSP-150 home digital piano at $3799 is unique among all brands in this price range. This piano offers a satisfying piano playing experience combined with new interactive “app” technology.

Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano Reveiw

Korg G1 Air Digital Piano

The Korg G1 Air at $1999 is unique among its peers because of its piano realistic key action and amazing stereo piano sound through its powerful speaker system. In its price range this one is a winner!

Korg Digital Piano Review

Casio PX-S3100 Portable Piano

The Casio PX-S3100 at $879 is their newest digital piano to enter the marketplace. It weighs just 25lbs and also works on batteries too. The amazing things this new model can do is very impressive!

Casio PX-S3100 Digital Piano Review

Kawai ES920 Digital Piano

This advanced Kawai ES920 home compact digital piano at $1799 sounds incredible & the key action plays like “butter.” If all it did was piano playing it would be enough…but it does so much more! Check it out at the link below.

Kawai Digital Piano Review

Kawai DG30 Digital Grand

The Kawai DG30 Digital Mini Grand Piano at just $6099 is one of the best digital grand pianos out there in this price range. It’s beautiful, the key action is excellent, and the features are amazing.

Digital Grand Piano Review