Dexibell H7 Digital Piano | REVIEW | 2021 | Outstanding Piano

Dexibell H7 Digital Piano | REVIEW | 2021 | Outstanding Piano

Dexibell H7 reviewDexibell H7 Review
Dexibell H7 digital piano
Dexibell VIVO H7 Digital “Grand” Piano in Polished Ebony

Dexibell VIVO H7 | Digital Piano | REVIEW | The Dexibell H7 digital piano ($4499 store discount price) which is designed and produced in Italy has been in the US for only about 3 years now and has quickly become one of the top digital pianos on the market today. The more well known brands such as Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Kawai, and Casio have some impressive digital pianos, but the Dexibell technology is so advanced and refined in reproducing the acoustic grand piano sound that you will think you are hearing the real thing. Whether you want a Yamaha 9′ grand piano, a German Steinway 9′ grand piano, a Viennese Bosendorfer 9′ grand piano, or a Italian Fazioli 9′ concert grand piano, we believe that this model will live up to that claim.

So how do they do it? How does Dexibell recreate the piano sound experience in the H7 with all the subtle touch and dynamic tonal range of sound that grand pianos are famous for? It has to do with a new sound reproduction technology that is different than any other brand along with a dynamic High Definition internal speaker system that projects the frequencies of that sound in the room so that it really “feels like” the piano experience in terms of that special piano sound that all the accomplished players are looking for in a digital piano. Beyond the amazing acoustic piano sound reproductions, the Dexibell H7 does an equally impressive job with the non-acoustic piano sounds such as baroque harpsichord, symphony string orchestras, cathedral pipe organs, concert choirs, brass, woodwinds, synthesizers, pads, and much more. Not only does Dexibell have an outstanding instrument sound library, but the Dexibell company continues to produce new High Definition sounds that are not already in the piano but can be loaded into the piano memory direct from the Dexibell web site (at no additional cost) and added to the existing library of sounds you already have in your piano…very impressive and no other main stream digital piano brand can do this.


Dexibell H7 digital piano user control panel
Dexibell H7 Control Panel – matte red color

After playing and examining this model over a long period of time, I know first hand that this piano is very impressive for a realistic piano playing experience in a beautiful contemporary designer cabinet made in Italy. This is a very big accomplishment on the part of a relatively new digital piano company in that it usually takes years and years to catch up with the “competition,” but in this case it did not. Dexibell has their own factories in Italy and their own designers using proprietary design technology and they have their own sound programmers who have many years of technical digital piano experience in that industry in many ways.

Dexibell H7 digital piano

Dexibell H7 Polished white with designer matching bench

The H7 comes in a number of colors and cabinet finishes to match many decors, and the cabinet design is the most unique style in the digital piano industry as far as I am concerned. It comes with a stylish matching bench and the look of the piano was, in part, partially designed and inspired by the Ferrari sports car auto company of Italy in cooperation with Dexibell. The key action is designed by the famous key action design company in Italy called Fatar and that dynamic key action is calibrated by the Dexibell design team to trigger the Dexibell sound libraries in precise ways to gain the maximum expression and dynamic range.

Dexibell H7 digital piano

Dexibell H7 designer digital piano – matte black finish

I would recommend to anyone looking for a “serious instrument” and wanting the best piano sound playing experience you can get under or around $5000 to consider the Dexibell H7 digital piano. You can learn even more about this piano by contacting us directly.

There is also special direct factory discounts I am able to help you get on this model as well as digital pianos from other popular brands and models. Please contact us at or 602-571-1864 before you make any decisions to purchase anything from anyone. We will be happy to help you and answer your digital piano questions. Thank you.

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