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Reviews on the latest Digital Pianos for 2023
We are serious when it comes to learning about all the new digital pianos out there and we go out of our way to do so because we love experiencing these new digital pianos inside and out so that we can give you the best advice.
With all the work we’ve done over the years traveling to private digital piano showings by the manufacturers or going to special music conventions within the US along with shopping local piano stores in different areas of the country, we do it to “stay ahead of the curve.”
Since we don’t work for any manufacturer or do regular internet retail, we can independently advise you what digital piano will work best for you and we publish reviews of these pianos so that you can learn more about them in detail that no one else in the US provides for you in this way.
We love helping people and giving you advice on how to shop for the right digital piano and to avoid mistakes that others have made. Our reviews are done with the “average person” in mind and we specifically try not to use these big “industry words” when we explain things in our reviews because we don’t assume most people out there understand these digital piano-keyboard industry words such as polyphony, half-damper, smooth tone transition, MIDI, triple key sensors, sampling time, sample loops, decay quality, multi-track recording, etc.
We try to put these things into “plain English” as much as we can so that you will be able to understand how these digital pianos actually work, why they may or may not be a good choice for you, and which digital piano features you should focus on. It takes hours upon hours of work to research and write our reviews and all content is original, not copied or regurgitated from other sources (like other people do), and we play every digital piano that we review.
Unlike most of the other so-called “reviewers” out there who have no real idea what they are talking about and simply copy or reuse other general content on the internet to try to make themselves look “legitimate,” my son Erik and I at Digital Piano Expert are “the real deal.”
Free Digital Piano Consultations in the USA by email and phone

We are available to speak with you by phone if you live in the US and also by email if you are in the US or international. Our consultations are absolutely free, there is no obligation, and we enjoy helping people figure out what they need to do in order to be sure they are making the right buying decision, wherever you may live. Please contact us at tim@azpianowholesale.com or call us at 602-571-1864 if you are in the USA.

Buy new Digital Pianos for LESS money than Amazon or Internet Price

Everyone we talk with out there about digital pianos not only wants to be sure they are purchasing the right digital piano for their musical needs and budget, but that they are also getting a “great deal.” That’s where we can also help you using all the contacts we have out there along with a variety manufacturer and distributor warehouses who will work with us. We can normally help you get a great digital piano at even LESS MONEY than Amazon and Internet sale prices. So before you purchase anything from anyone, please contact us to find out what we can do for you on a brand new top name digital piano.

Special Digital Piano Learning Tools to help Play Piano better

There are some amazing ways out there to learn to play piano. We can help you better understand the latest piano educational technology including videos, apps, piano training programs for computer, subscription interactive learning technology available for children and adults so that you can even learn to play piano at home. We do also recommend a local piano teacher if a good one is available because they offer personal expertise that the virtual world has a difficult time in doing. For more info be sure to ask us about this.

Don’t buy a PSO! (aka: piano shaped object). Avoid Buying Mistakes

We know there are digital pianos available that look good on the outside but in reality are poor representations of what a piano really is and what they should actually be able to do. We want to make sure you are not coerced into buying one of those PSO’s (Piano Shaped Objects) because you may think you’re getting something nice when in reality you only got a pretty cabinet on the outside with cheap, poor playing technology on the inside that acts and sounds like a toy. We will help you avoid these potential buying mistakes when we talk with you, so please give us a call (if you are in the US) or contact us by email tim@azpianowholesale.com regardless of where you live and then we will give you good, helpful piano shopping and buying advice.