Fake Digital Piano Reviews – BEWARE! | LOWER PRICE than AMAZON

Fake Digital Piano Reviews – BEWARE! | LOWER PRICE than AMAZON

Do Not Buy on Amazon
Do Not Buy Digital Pianos on Amazon

Fake Digital piano Reviews | BEWARE | Learn Here! | for 2021 | Lower Prices than Amazon | There are so many so-called digital piano review sites out there that you would think everyone is an “expert.” But in fact, more than 50% of all digital piano review sites are “FAKE.” Their only goal is to put out unreliable or FAKE information to get you to click on a link from their web page and then you go to Amazon to hopefully get you to buy any new digital piano from anyone there.

This is because the person(s) from that “FAKE” review site will get an affiliate payment (commission) from Amazon when you purchase a digital piano, regardless which one it is. In other words…they make money and you may buy a bad digital piano and/or pay MORE money than you should.  They don’t really care what you buy or even what they say to get you to buy something…it’s all about the money and all about getting you to purchase ANY digital piano on Amazon regardless of whether that piano is good or not!

We definitely are not like that here at digitalpianoreviewexpert.com. We know what we’re talking about because we are the “real” experts on digital pianos and have been for over 40 years. We have played them all and know what we are talking about. We don’t work for any piano company and don’t link to Amazon just to get you to buy something there. Be sure to check out this web site to learn more about us and what we can do for you.


Beware of Fake digital piano reviews
Fake Digital Piano Reviews

These “FAKE” review sites use “FAKE NAMES,” “FAKE AUTHORS,” and “FAKE BIO’S” so that YOU will think it’s all real when it is NOT. There are very few people out there on-line with review sites who actually play the piano, have access to the latest digital piano equipment, and that have any knowledge about how these things really work. Since most of these people don’t play piano and have no experience with digital pianos as far as what makes them great, good, or bad and what you, the shopper, need to know about these new digital pianos to make an informed, intelligent decision, then these “FAKE” review sites CANNOT BE TRUSTED…and I should know because I have checked them out to see if they pass the “smell test,” and they DO NOT.

What these “FAKE” review web sites actually do is simply collect comments from Amazon user reviews, manufacturer websites and FAKE sites and then regurgitate this info so that it seems like it’s their own words when in fact it is not their words at all. Worse yet, many of these FAKE review sites know so little about digital pianos that they try to make you believe that older discontinued models are still “new” and try to get you to buy one, or they suggest that a poor quality make & model is a really good model and a great buy.

So how is a shopper supposed to know when a site is “real” and when one is “FAKE?” Sometimes it is difficult to figure that out, but a great way to do that is to simply see if there are a lot of AMAZON links on their web site pointing to digital pianos on AMAZON. If that is the case, then it is highly likely that review site is FAKE because there would definitely be a big conflict of interests for that site because they would likely not care which piano you purchased because whatever you would purchase on AMAZON through their AMAZON link would pay them an affiliate commission just because you went to their site first and then went to Amazon from that site. It’s difficult to trust a “review” site like that.


Fake Amazon piano reviews

Fake Amazon Reviews

Another way to tell if a “review site” is the real thing is to see if other sites are quoting or talking about that site or the author of that site. For instance, I have respected musicians, piano teachers, and other web sites around the world quoting from my review sites all the time and even the digital piano manufacturers refer to and consult with me on many aspects of digital pianos. The FAKE review sites have no one talking about them, referring to them, or really paying attention to them…and that’s because they are FAKE and the real musicians, piano teachers, manufacturers, and other industry people out there know that.

Another way is to see how long those “reviewers” have been on-line. Most of those “FAKE review sites have only been up for less than 1 year and at the most two 2 years. On the other hand I have been on-line for over 10 years with my other review site called “AZ Piano Reviews” where I post super comprehensive, detailed reviews of all digital pianos in all price ranges and then this site for a fresh take on other aspects of digital pianos.


Yamaha CSP-170 digital piano

Yamaha CSP-170 Clavinova Digital Piano

But the BIGGEST giveaway in deciding what digital piano info you can count on is when you can speak directly with the reviewer…and by speaking directly I mean on the phone or by a legitimate email. We are the only people in the industry who review all digital pianos and are available to speak with you about them on the phone (if you are in the US)…at no charge. We do this because we know you have a lot of questions and want to spend your money wisely, and because there are many options out there in new digital pianos you want to be sure you spend your money right! You can only gather a limited amount of written and visual info out there on digital pianos, including so-called “user reviews” on Amazon because sometimes it’s difficult to tell if those are all real and also if they are real users, they may not know what they are talking about because they’re likely very inexperienced with digital pianos.


Make an informed buying decision

Do Not Guess! Make an Informed Buying Decision

Our recommendation is…Do NOT GUESS! Make a better informed decision and let us help you because music is our passion and we love seeing students and people at all skill levels enjoy the experience of playing music on a great digital piano that is also within your budget. Speaking of budget, as I mentioned earlier, we DO NOT link our reviews to AMAZON like most everyone else. When you purchase through AMAZON the discount price is almost always the same regardless of who you purchase from.

They can be good prices but certainly are not the “lowest price.” To get the LOWEST price is where we at Digital Piano Review Expert come in. My son Erik and I have DIRECT access to the BEST Digital Piano manufacturers and suppliers out there. What ever you want in a new digital piano…we can help you get…and at significantly LOWER PRICES than AMAZON, eBay, other internet stores. So, DO NOT BUY from AMAZON, especially from a link on a “FAKE” review site. Do it the right way with us and SAVE MONEY in the process.


We have over 40 years expert digital piano experience

Over 40 years Digital Piano Experience

With over 40 years of experience playing, teaching, and consulting on digital pianos of every type imaginable along with all of the latest brands and models, we know what these instruments actually do, what their good and not-so-good points are, and can and will talk with you in person over the phone (at your convenience) to discuss your questions…and we do it because we love music, it’s our passion, and we want to see happy digital piano owners out there! So DON”T BUY a new digital piano on AMAZON when you can be sure you are making the right decision along with being able to get one for even LESS MONEY including FREE shipping, FREE personal consultation, NO TAX, BRAND NEW, WITH factory warranty, and other FREE things depending on the make & model.


Lower prices than amazon, ebay


One more final thing about Amazon. Ordering digital pianos on Amazon is not the problem…Amazon does a good job overall of offering good products and shipping them out correctly. So it’s not that ordering things on Amazon is a problem because it is not. It’s that the vast majority of “so-called digital” piano review sites are FAKE and when you order from an Amazon link on that FAKE site from a person who does not actually exist, then you could be doing so without knowing if that specific digital piano is really the right one for you or if it has any issues that are not being disclosed to you.

Beyond that, when it comes to discount prices, AMAZON is definitely not the least expensive because as I mentioned earlier, we can help you order brand top name digital pianos for substantially less money than Amazon. So when it comes to getting the most for your money along with personalized consultation and service from real, knowledgeable experts in the field, please contact my son Erik and me before you purchase any digital piano from anyone…like thousands of of digital piano owners, you will be glad you did!


Lower prices than Amazon or Internet

Lower price than Amazon or Internet