Senior Adults Should Play Piano!

Senior Adults Should Play Piano!

1. You may not be a “Liberace,” a “Roger Williams,” an “Elton John,” or a “Billy Joel,” in terms of your piano playing skills, but you can certainly make music in a very enjoyable way with one of the latest digital pianos by Kawai, Yamaha, Roland, Casio, Korg, Samick, or other good brands. When you have reached the status of “Senior Adult Citizen” then you have certainly paid your dues through your lifetime, so if at all possible, take some time and relax and Play Piano! Not just any piano, but a new digital piano that will make even the beginner piano player sound great without all the hassle of piano tuning, and regular maintenance. You’ll also be able to play at softer volumes or with stereo headphones for complete privacy when you are practicing.

2. It’s a well known fact that playing piano and listening to music stimulates the neurons in your brain in extremely positive ways so that you feel younger, feel better, and can have an outlet to express yourself musically in ways that no other instrument can do. Playing music is great for the mind, body, and soul and some of these digital pianos will actually make you sound way better than you really are which is always a lot of fun as far as we are concerned. You will have hours of enjoyment playing music on a new digital piano because music is an emotional thing…it stimulates memories in ways that few other things can do and you can play a digital piano morning, noon, or night no matter where you live.

3. Digital pianos come in all types of shapes and price ranges these days and if you cannot find one you like then you are not really trying very hard. We are especially sensitive to Seniors and changes that can occur as a person gets older because we have seen it in our own families and the toll it can take on the mind and body. We encourage all seniors to play (or start to play) piano while they are still in good health and even if they’re in less than good health because music will help keep you young, and isn’t that what most people want…to stay young physically, mentally, and spiritually for as long as possible? If that’s your goal and you love music, then we encourage you to Play Piano and do it with one of the new digital pianos that will give you immeasurable joy every-time you sit down on the bench to play it!

For info on why kids should play or why (non-senior) Adults should play and why kids should play, please go to the following links: We Want Adults to play We want Kids to Play!

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There are a number of good digital piano choices out there for Seniors, but there are also some you should stay away from too. We have our personal favorite digital pianos for seniors (in different price ranges) that we believe are better choices than others. Go the the link below to find out more.