We want kids to Play Piano!

We want kids to Play Piano!

1. For us there is nothing better than to see kids learning and playing piano. Although there is a learning curve depending on the child, if they love music then they will eventually “get there” and the results will worth it! Kids playing the piano promotes positive brain health & development that will likely increase their abilities to do better in their academic studies at school, as scientific tests have shown. Playing music on a piano will help your child express themselves in ways that few other things can do for them.

2. We want kids to play piano because it’s something than can bring a family together in a good way and as many of us know, music touches the mind, the heart, and the soul in immeasurable ways that will benefit your children for a lifetime. We believe kids should play music as often as possible and doing it on a digital piano will add to their ability to play almost anytime because a digital piano has headphone jacks which allows them to connect a pair of stereo headphones and play in privacy. This is a great feature because then they can play nearly anytime without waking you up, interrupting conversation or other activities going on in the home. Although most parents I know love to hear their children play the piano, there are times when it’s not convenient.

3. Another good reason to play a digital piano besides having the headphone feature is because you can turn the volume down with the master volume control. Although we encourage kids to play other instruments like clarinet, trumpet, violin, etc so they can be involved in their school band, those instruments have no volume control so they are normally quite loud when the child is practicing their music at home. Also, typically when a child learns to play a band or orchestra instrument they rarely play that instrument past high school because their are few outlets or ways to do so,depending on the community you live in. With a piano, that instrument can be played for life and normally is part of a child’s life for their entire lifetime because it’s one of the few instruments where you can play both melody and harmony at the same time and also be able to sing along with it at the same time. Try that on a clarinet, flute, or saxophone!

4. Regardless of what instrument your child chooses to play, all good music on good instruments is worthwhile playing and we encourage it. But when it comes to learning music fundamentals and being able to play a song in a way like no other instrument can, the piano is the ultimate personal instrument that can make a big difference in the lives of children. At digitalpianoreviewexpert.com we feel that all parents, if financially possible, should give their kids the opportunity to play piano because if they succeed, and most kids will given the chance and having a good teacher, it will be a gift that will keep on giving for them, for you, and for everyone around them. Please contact us for more info on digital pianos and read further on this site to learn more as well.

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