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My name is Tim Praskins and I am a Digital Piano Expert. I have had more than 40 years personal experience playing and evaluating all major brands and models of digital pianos from home cabinet vertical upright digital pianos, to home cabinet digital grand pianos to portable digital pianos and pro stage digital pianos along with keyboards and how they all compare to the playing experience you would get from top quality acoustic pianos. In other words, which digital pianos mimic a real acoustic piano in the most authentic way.

I play and teach piano, organ, keyboard, synth, and guitar. Over the years I have been in bands, played at big events, played at clubs & venues in LA & Phoenix, played piano and keyboards for schools, churches, written and recorded music, and taught thousands of students how to play piano, organ, and guitar. Although I also know a lot about acoustic pianos, organs and guitars and have played literally thousands of them, I keep my focus these days on digital pianos because that’s what most people (families, individuals, churches, teachers, schools, and others) are shopping for and buying as opposed to the more traditional acoustic pianos.

I have a family including my beautiful wife Claudia (also a musician), 4 grown children (all musicians with 2 of them being piano teachers), and even some grandchildren, and they all play a musical instrument. I am still fairly young, very active, and involved in trying to help people all ages and demographics around the world (mostly in the US) to better understand the digital pianos out there and equip them to make the right buying decisions based on their musical experience, musical goals, budget, and the type of music they like.

Music is and has been my passion for my entire life since I was very young and I do all of this because I love it and not because I need to make money from it. I use my time to help people just like you in making the right “buying decision” when it come to shopping for a new digital piano. It is really a jungle out there and it’s easy to get confused, especially when everyone seems to be telling you that “their” brand and model is the best or that you need to get certain functions and features in a digital piano, when in reality you really don’t need them and may not use them.

So when it comes to reaching out to someone who can personally help you make the right decision, please contact me and/or my son Erik. We are independent experts in this field of digital piano knowledge and experience. We don’t work for someone else, we don’t work for or are paid by manufacturers for our reviews, and we will guide you in the direction that best fits what you are looking for and within your budget. One final note…because of my relationships with all the manufacturers and factory authorized distributors over many years, we can help you purchase a new digital piano for even less money than what you have seen out there on the internet, Amazon, or stores.

When you want the best and most knowledgeable digital piano advice and pricing, please contact us by emailing us or calling direct if you are looking to make a purchase and can take delivery anywhere is the US mainland. We look forward to speaking with you.

If you have not done so already, you can also read about “our mission” to musically serve other people at the following link: Our Mission!

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I love helping kids, teens, families, adults, and senior adults learn to play music and have a good piano to do that with. So check out some of my recommended digital pianos for these different groups at the following links – Kids, Teens, FamiliesAdultsSenior Adults